3D Printing Copper and Printing Copper

3D printing which can also be described as additive manufacturing is a premium service that we offer to our customers.

At Atlantic Precision, we utilize various state-of-the-art technologies to produce the best results for projects commissioned to us by our valued customers through the technical and creative expertise of our engineers, machinists, artists and designers.

We offer 3D printing metal which includes 3D printing copper.

With printing copper, models usually acquire a reddish tint due to the nature and characteristics of the metal. It is important to note that when we are 3D printing copper, we utilize the same process generally used by our company for 3D printing various metals.

As copper is widely used in major industries whether for personal or commercial purposes, a good percentage of our 3D printing process involves copper.

Atlantic Precision partners with industries that use copper heavily as part of their tools in the business primarily for operations or training purposes. Our customers mainly come from such industries as aviation, aerospace, military, marine, power, and other related technically propelled industries for items such as electronic parts, wires, door knobs, hooks, handles, pipes and cables to name a few.

Our Atlantic Precision staff always upholds the integrity of our products by making sure our customers’ demands are met with great satisfaction and excellence in terms of quality and promptness of delivery whether we’re working on prototypes or items that are generally used by our clients for production and business operations. We are also meticulous in handling our customers’ requests, making sure the models are compatible and error free before proceeding to the actual 3D printing.

We utilize the DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) method to process metals against the most complex of surfaces and offer the following services to our customers – sheet metal fabrication, welding (plasma, fusion, resistance, and stud), EDM (conventional, wire, and fast hole drilling), CNC machining (turning, milling, drilling) multi axis, grinding (surface, OD/ID, Jig), FPI inspection, CMM, metallurgical/calibration, lab tool design/manufacturing, White/ Blue Light Inspection, reverse engineering, prototype/production, fabrication, assembly, and instrumentation.

Atlantic Precision is based in South Florida and is a leading source of 3D printing and additive manufacturing services with customers from various industries all over the world.

We pride ourselves in keeping our customers satisfied with the excellent services we offer through our knowledgeable, trained, and industry certified production team including engineers, technical staff, designers and machinists.

At Atlantic Precision, customer satisfaction is our number one priority and as a general practice, we make sure our staff are involved and connected with our customers throughout the duration of their respective projects. This process is efficient as everyone is on the same page and is well aware of the status and development as well as the concerns involved before completion.

If you have any need for 3D printing metal including printing copper (3D Printing Copper), please reach out to us through our customer service specialists who will help you with your questions or concerns. We are available through our customer service number 772-466-1011 or through our online website at www.atlanticprecision.com.